EC  supports  innovation  and R&D  through   financing University  and  Industry  projects  in European  countries  and Associated countries including  Turkey. FP7   will  be  lasting  until   2013  and     nearly  50  Billion EURO  will  be   available.

One  of the  most  important   features  of the  FP7 projects   are to  promote  cooperation  among  the  European Universities, Research  Institutes  and Industry     to promote  innovations  and  advanced   researches in  many fields.  Therefore,   most  of the  projects    require   international  cooperation.
Some  of  Thematic Topics  are  as  follows:


Communication  and  Information Technology
Agriculture  and Biotechnology
Nano Technology

GİRİŞİM   makes   utmost  efforts to   prepares  FP7   projects    with the  cooperation   of national  and   international universities  and Research Institutes  which  are   best   in  their   fields.  




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