GİRİŞİM  was   founded  by  Hasan Hüseyin DURSUN  in  19981  in Ankara, Turkey.  GİRİŞİM  was  transformed   to  a    company  in  1991   named  as  “GRİŞİM  CONSULTANCY  Planning, Consultancy, Construction, Contact, Trade   and Industry   Ltd”. GİRİŞİM   has  been   conducting  its  business    successfully   since    it was  set  up. Main  principles  of   GİRİŞİM are  of  QUALITYPROFESSIONALIZM, TRUST, CONFIDENCE  and CUSTOMER SATISFECTION.

GİRİŞİM   has  provided Consultancy  Services    to hundreds  of  companies  in Turkey  in  many  different  sectors  including Textile, Woods Construction Materials, Infrastructure, Food, Agricultural Products, Glass Industry, Cement Industry, Construction, Sport, Tourism, Health, Energy   and Dockyard.

GİRİŞİM  provides  specific solutions   to  the customers specific   needs  by   its  experiences staff . Projects   are   carried   out  by  means  of  analytical  approach   and  social  and   economical  analysis in  order  to   adopt  the  market  conditions   and  become   sustainable.

Our  policy  is  that   services   last  short   but   if   proper  and   right  services  last  much  longer producing  big  impact.




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