TEKLA  is   one  of  the   best   firm  in  the  world   developing  ELECTRICITY NETWORK    and   WATER/SEWER     DISTRIBUTION  NETWORK  MANAGEMENT   software.

Tekla Xpower    and  Xpipe  Network Information  System  (NIS)  Database  integrate   all   network information in a   single database in  order  to   manage electrical  distribution  and water/sewer networks effectively.  Xpower   and  Xpipe softwares aim  at   managing   networks  with single software and  has  the   following   functions,inter alia:  

Network  planning  and  construction  of  new  networks;
Network  documentation;
Network  maintenance   and  repair;
Billing, Customer  information and Customer services;
Network analysis  and  calculations;
Integration    and  management  of  GIS, SCADA, AMR systems.

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