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Investment Incentives Feasibility Studies and EU Projects Water Network Leakage Detection
Turkish government gives substantial incentives to the local and foreign companies to boost their investments in Turkey. These incentives sometimes amount the half of the total investment. Our experienced staff will assist you to benefit from these incentives… Our experienced staff prepare feasibility studies in different sectors to assist investment firms to optimize cost-benefits of their investments. In addition, we prepare European Union IPA projects most of which have been accepted and implemented… Water leakages from the potable water network of municipalities are quite high in Turkey causing socio-economic problems. We cooperate with ALVA Oj, Finland to bring its leading leakage reduction technologies and experiences to assist municipalises…
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Water Network Information System (NIS) and Network Management System (OMS) Urban Flash Flood Early Warning System
It is imperative to integrate water network data and associated functions through network information system and operation system to provide real time effective and efficient sustainable services and potable water to the customers. We cooperate with TEKLA Oj, Finland to bring its leading technologies and experiences to Turkey… Due to climate change and variability, frequency and intensity of the meteorological induced natural disasters have considerable increased such that particularly short duration heavy rainfall causes urban flash floods. We cooperate with DELTARES, Holland to bring its leading technologies and experiences on the urban flash flood early warning system to Turkey…
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